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{Attached} To My Heart: January 2011

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Loblolly Lane

I received my BEAUTIFUL pretty Loblolly Lane bracelet in the mail the other day,
& I LOVE it, so I decided to showcase it off to all you wonderful readers!

Fancy dancy. they have some super CUTE clothes for woman & children & also super CUTE jewelry
Head over to their shop HERE!
They also have a Facebook page!

why don't friends w/ kids have time?

somebody posted this article on facebook...and I loved it!
If only friends stuck around to listen after being asked what I actually do at home!
(besides getting a 10 minute break while nap time to check my stuff online...)
laundry, dishes, toddler bath, baby bath, breakfast, sometimes bath again, vacuum
mop, make lunch, more dishes, chase kids around, balance infant on hip,
[breastfeed like I do?, well ad that in]
anytime + hundred times a day breastfeed, change 20 diapers a day, cook supper, more dishes, more laundry, kids bath, clean bathroom, say good night, have yourself a 5 minute hot bath, then relax.
...after 10 minutes of relaxing, tend to baby...each and every time baby wants your embrace, then sleep...waking up maybe 3 or 4 times in the night with baby, and once with screaming toddler.
[include cleaning fridge, ovens, grocery shopping, post office...appointments, & pleasing spouse...so forth...]
(I'm not complaining, I love my life, & love my children more than anything!)

some moms even balance work on top of alll that!
mommyhood=busy, sometimes stressful, fun & loving!
watching your children grow & learn, is amazing!
//Annnnnd END post!.


want to win a $75 credit toward a new blog design, business branding or e-decorating by Infusion Design Studios??

Then head over to Mother of Pearl It Is, & enter her super awesome giveaway!!

sick baby!

it's 2 am, & I'm making a blog post becauuuuse, I can't sleep. why?!
because the WORST thing EVER...is having a sick baby!

yup, chunks deluxe, 4 months old, coughing stuffy fever yuckyness. look at those poor little eyes.

& i lied!, the worst thing EVER, is being vehicleless, husbandless(working out of town atm), & having to throw your sick, upset 4mo in a baby carrier & TRY to drag your grumpy 21 month old child who threw CONSTANT tantrums along to the Dr's office where you wait 2hrs to be told its a viral infection from immunization shots done a week ago. /BIG BREATH. then, monitor constant fevers WITHOUT a thermometer (lost in the move, & should of gotten one on the way home but wasn't thinking due to embarresment/stress of cranky tantrum throwing child & crying baby), AND be thrown up on, a lot, like soak front of t-shirt lot. exhausted momma, but I'm to scared to sleep because I imagine her symptoms getting worst! I couldn't even imagine waking a sleeping peacefully 21 month old, and 4 month old just to pay $20 bucks to take another cab and be told its a viral thing.


i think i need sleep.


Friday, January 28, 2011

Undercover Momma Giveaway @ Mama Chocolate!

Want to win a super cute undershirt to help make nursing easier?!. I'm a proud breastfeeding momma, and I would LOVE to not have my back rolls front rolls all rolls revealed to the world!. GO HERE...please =)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Burt's Bee's Giveaway on Mommy kat and Kids! - Canada only

Head over to....
To Mommy Kat and Kids blog, and Enter
Canadian residents only.

Mystery Giveaway!!



Wednesday, January 26, 2011

ANOTHER giveaway! Free fabric?! uh yes please.

WANT FREE FABRIC? Enter to win a $20 store credit to @sunshinefabric on @OhSweetJoy's blog! http://tinyurl.com/2ddk985

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Giveaway @ Little Miss Momma

Head over to Little Miss Momma's blog & enter to win a super cute necklace of your choice from Starfish Designs.

Aren't they darling!?

Friday, January 14, 2011

featuring; chub deluxe!

I thought I'd showcase chub deluxe! BIGGEST sweetie pie ever.
love you baby princess.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

she went from this

[My cute, little, 4.5 month old Bugaboo...]
to THIS;
[22 month old bugaboo..., look at that superchildmodel hair blowing in the wind!]

1. she walks
2. she runs
3. she talks, somewhat
4. she still farts, wicked loud ones
5. learning the potty basics
6. yells, loud
7. loves to eat
8. she was born 10.1lbs
9. loves dogs, and kitties
10. she throws tantrums

Twenty Things About Me.

1. momma of TWO little girlies
2. name is pronounced [nat-tan-yah]
3. have been TOGETHER with Maseykinz for three years.
5. ADDICTED to coke zero
6. i drink hot chocolate, EVERY morning, it's my coffee...i hate coffee
7. mark wahlberg is my celebrity CRUSH, along with ryan reynolds
8. i have ONE tattoo, it's a heartagram, spur of the moment when I turned 18...ugh
9. i couldn't live without chub deluxes baby swing, life savor!
10. my BLACKBERRY stays next to me, at all time
11. i recently backed into a cement block, & took a hunk of the bumper off...oops
12. i popped out a 10.1lb baby & a 8.9lb baby. woohoo go me
13. i love winter! i love snow, the look of SNOW, sweaters, slippers, hot chocolate, being cozy!
14. i love to ice fish, & fly fish. I THANK Maseykinz for showing me how to fish
15. i craved mcdonalds big macs like crazy while pregnant with baby #1
16. My maseykinz and i LOVE chinese food, & donair pizza
17. I also LOVE pineapple!
18. I'm addicted to Jersey Shore...& Teen Mom
19. Addicted to blogging, & blog STALKING
20. HAPPY where I am in life!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I seen THIS giveaway that caught my eye...
FOUR prizes! All you have to do is...
enter FIVE of your FAVORITE things!
thats it!
So here it goes, my top 5 favorite things
they are so FREAKIN' delicious. 2. COKE ZERO.
my hubby and I can down a case of coke zero in a day & a half, seriously, ADDICTED. 4. OAKLEYS SUNGLASSES
my WONDERFUL hubby got me polorized prescription glasses.
the original price?! $156. actual cost?! nearly $600
I've backcombed my hair since 10th grade...for a good seven years now,
I've gone through TONS of "strong hold" hairspray, this has been the BEST hold! . lastly, my HP MINI laptop my hubby got me for Christmas 2010! I LOVE IT //hugs
btw, if anybody could help me figure something out with using some programs?, it's like the program, say a photo program, is way to big for the actualy screen that I can't click anything below the toolbar? if that makes sense, probably not! My beautiful girls and wonderful masekinz would be number one on my list, but that's a givin!
so even though I don't have ANY followers, I know theres bloggers who eye my bloggy all up!
so go ahead, & blog on over to The Story of Us, and enter! =)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Christmas Corner Giveaway

Head over to Audrey's Give Aways blog, and enter to win either some SUPER cute magnets or SUPER cute coasters that SHE makes!

I just LOVE this one.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A look into the year 2010!

Let's look into the year 2010...I shall start off in the month of FEBUARY, Febuary 14th to be exact...I woke up to THIS....

hello GORGEOUS candy!, white chocolate, my fav, roses, teddie, MORE choclate, BEST EVER!!
Along with a NICE day of ice fishing!, my beauty!

hubbykinz beauty!!

My little girl turned ONE freakin' years old, on March 24th

How can you tell I made the cake?!...LOOK at it, EFFIN' disaster, I'm sorry kiddo.

but she wore it anyway so it was okay.

Summer TIME, first time being adventurous in the woods

...she's ALSO a water baby.
hubbykinz nice catch, look how PROUD he is!

ANNNDD my beauty! thank god you don't see my face, my glasses were crooked & goofy lookin' harhar.
Fishing season OVER, hunting season BEGINS...this next pic, is my hubbys hand, and a GRIZZLY bear's print....did I get out of the vehicle?! EFF NO, look at that thing, we had JUST crossed paths...no thank you.

September was special, we WELCOMED little 8.9lb child #2 into the world on September 16th @ 4:45pm!
October, little miss Raggedy Ann, I MADE this costume, ALL of it
-red yarn
-crap load of glue sticks
-maseykinz old shirts
-cute little ribbon bows

baby all dressed up...

She was able to ENJOY the snow!

My baby is effin' adorable, I just had to show.
Christmas!, of course BUGABOO looks miserable,
because she was.

OH 2010, the memories we had. XOX

Sunday, January 2, 2011

on my wish list...

is the SILHOUETTE digital cutting machine...
unfortuntly not anytime soon, bleh.


love story...-ish

MY hubby, aka my hubbykinz...one word, amazing
-BEST hubby anyone could ask for.
unique, cute, smart, TOUGH, loving, & my BEST FRIEND.
- ok I lied, theres like a hundred different words to describe him.
How we met?...at a bar.., no really, a bar.
big tough maseykinz was the bouncer, who ID me EVERYTIME on purpose, ass.
friends of friends, I knew OF him.
one day after getting stupid drunk with the girls, I seen he messaged me.
basic talk..you're cute blah blah blah no you're cute, blah blah blah
which turned into TXTING
which turned into hanging out with mutual FRIENDS together
which turned into watching a movie ALONE together (Billy Madison)
november 6, 2007 to be exact
seeled with the most memerable KISS ever
november 7, 2007 turned into our OFFICIAL COUPLES day XOXOXOX
we spent EVERY night together since that night
& eventually moved in together a month later
THREE years later, we have TWO beautiful baby girls.
He's gotten me ADDICTED to fly fishing, ice fishing, & hunting!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Today I fell in LOVE with...

THIS scarf...
Head over to {Pretty Little Knot's} on facebook and check it out!!

What better way...

then to start the new year with a BRAND NEW blog! Fresh, clean, & NEW!
(nobody knew me before, let's keep it that way, its a new year!)
Stories, ideas, THOUGHTS, pictures, announcing GIVEAWAYS?!...
whatever is going on in my crazy busy mind.
About ME? Momma of TWO little girls that keep me STUPID busy.
TALENT?!..hah, whatever it is, it hasn't been put to use...yet, hopefully soon before I go crazy.
Engaged to a WONDERFUL manly man...aka hubbykinz...
TWO year old, MY BUGABOO
FOUR month old, Baby Princess...or Chunks DELUXE.
A busy, tired, stay at home MOMMY.
New year, NEW friends, FUN times to be had!

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