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{Attached} To My Heart: love story...-ish

Sunday, January 2, 2011

love story...-ish

MY hubby, aka my hubbykinz...one word, amazing
-BEST hubby anyone could ask for.
unique, cute, smart, TOUGH, loving, & my BEST FRIEND.
- ok I lied, theres like a hundred different words to describe him.
How we met?...at a bar.., no really, a bar.
big tough maseykinz was the bouncer, who ID me EVERYTIME on purpose, ass.
friends of friends, I knew OF him.
one day after getting stupid drunk with the girls, I seen he messaged me.
basic talk..you're cute blah blah blah no you're cute, blah blah blah
which turned into TXTING
which turned into hanging out with mutual FRIENDS together
which turned into watching a movie ALONE together (Billy Madison)
november 6, 2007 to be exact
seeled with the most memerable KISS ever
november 7, 2007 turned into our OFFICIAL COUPLES day XOXOXOX
we spent EVERY night together since that night
& eventually moved in together a month later
THREE years later, we have TWO beautiful baby girls.
He's gotten me ADDICTED to fly fishing, ice fishing, & hunting!


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