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{Attached} To My Heart: A look into the year 2010!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A look into the year 2010!

Let's look into the year 2010...I shall start off in the month of FEBUARY, Febuary 14th to be exact...I woke up to THIS....

hello GORGEOUS candy!, white chocolate, my fav, roses, teddie, MORE choclate, BEST EVER!!
Along with a NICE day of ice fishing!, my beauty!

hubbykinz beauty!!

My little girl turned ONE freakin' years old, on March 24th

How can you tell I made the cake?!...LOOK at it, EFFIN' disaster, I'm sorry kiddo.

but she wore it anyway so it was okay.

Summer TIME, first time being adventurous in the woods

...she's ALSO a water baby.
hubbykinz nice catch, look how PROUD he is!

ANNNDD my beauty! thank god you don't see my face, my glasses were crooked & goofy lookin' harhar.
Fishing season OVER, hunting season BEGINS...this next pic, is my hubbys hand, and a GRIZZLY bear's print....did I get out of the vehicle?! EFF NO, look at that thing, we had JUST crossed paths...no thank you.

September was special, we WELCOMED little 8.9lb child #2 into the world on September 16th @ 4:45pm!
October, little miss Raggedy Ann, I MADE this costume, ALL of it
-red yarn
-crap load of glue sticks
-maseykinz old shirts
-cute little ribbon bows

baby all dressed up...

She was able to ENJOY the snow!

My baby is effin' adorable, I just had to show.
Christmas!, of course BUGABOO looks miserable,
because she was.

OH 2010, the memories we had. XOX


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