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{Attached} To My Heart: sick baby!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

sick baby!

it's 2 am, & I'm making a blog post becauuuuse, I can't sleep. why?!
because the WORST thing EVER...is having a sick baby!

yup, chunks deluxe, 4 months old, coughing stuffy fever yuckyness. look at those poor little eyes.

& i lied!, the worst thing EVER, is being vehicleless, husbandless(working out of town atm), & having to throw your sick, upset 4mo in a baby carrier & TRY to drag your grumpy 21 month old child who threw CONSTANT tantrums along to the Dr's office where you wait 2hrs to be told its a viral infection from immunization shots done a week ago. /BIG BREATH. then, monitor constant fevers WITHOUT a thermometer (lost in the move, & should of gotten one on the way home but wasn't thinking due to embarresment/stress of cranky tantrum throwing child & crying baby), AND be thrown up on, a lot, like soak front of t-shirt lot. exhausted momma, but I'm to scared to sleep because I imagine her symptoms getting worst! I couldn't even imagine waking a sleeping peacefully 21 month old, and 4 month old just to pay $20 bucks to take another cab and be told its a viral thing.


i think i need sleep.



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