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{Attached} To My Heart: Twenty Things About Me.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Twenty Things About Me.

1. momma of TWO little girlies
2. name is pronounced [nat-tan-yah]
3. have been TOGETHER with Maseykinz for three years.
5. ADDICTED to coke zero
6. i drink hot chocolate, EVERY morning, it's my coffee...i hate coffee
7. mark wahlberg is my celebrity CRUSH, along with ryan reynolds
8. i have ONE tattoo, it's a heartagram, spur of the moment when I turned 18...ugh
9. i couldn't live without chub deluxes baby swing, life savor!
10. my BLACKBERRY stays next to me, at all time
11. i recently backed into a cement block, & took a hunk of the bumper off...oops
12. i popped out a 10.1lb baby & a 8.9lb baby. woohoo go me
13. i love winter! i love snow, the look of SNOW, sweaters, slippers, hot chocolate, being cozy!
14. i love to ice fish, & fly fish. I THANK Maseykinz for showing me how to fish
15. i craved mcdonalds big macs like crazy while pregnant with baby #1
16. My maseykinz and i LOVE chinese food, & donair pizza
17. I also LOVE pineapple!
18. I'm addicted to Jersey Shore...& Teen Mom
19. Addicted to blogging, & blog STALKING
20. HAPPY where I am in life!


At January 12, 2011 at 4:37 PM , Blogger Cole said...

fun list. I'm with you on #8 about spur of the moment tattoos. You're not alone! LOvely blog :)


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