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{Attached} To My Heart: May 2012

Saturday, May 26, 2012

This would really mean a lot to our family, please check it out =)

   Recently, my hubby was in an accident while he was on his way to work. He was driving 8hrs away from his family due to no work in the area we lived in. Something I really didn't approve of...but we had no choice.

   It was getting dark out, and a huge moose had come out in front of him and plowed right through the front window knocking him unconscious. It was the WORST call of my life..I'll never forget that moment and the feeling of my heart sinking into my stomach. We were in the process of moving due to the house we were renting had sold, I had no vehicle, and I had the girls with me. I couldn't even drive to see him. Luckily my parents were able to see how he was doing in the hospital. I had no contact whatsoever with him for two days and he was sent back to a city just an hour away from me, sadly I still couldn't get to him. Not being able to be with him was one of the hardest things ever, but his wonderful mother was able to bring him home to us.
   As for damage...our car was a write off. He sprained his hand, and did some damage to his spine. He had a risk of a concussion for about a week. The Dr. gave him some pretty heavy medicine to help with the pain, so he was pretty out of it for awhile.
   We spent our last little bit of money on a storage unit and a u-haul just to move our belongings out since we couldn't find or afford a new home, considering we had no idea when Mason could go back to work. My dad drove 6hrs just to come get us and our dog, and brought us all back with him to my parents house in a tiny SUV my wonderful friend let us borrow.
   The first month I took care of my hubby, who mostly slept alone in the basement on a tiny bed, he couldn't move, and became really, really sick. He started seeking help from the doctors in town, and the chiropractor who is AMAZING here. It's been very crowded living with my parents, but it was nice being able to escape from our babies so I could go take care of him and let him know I was there for him.
   So far it's been four long months, he was able to go back to work a few weeks after the accident...but the job he was on his way too, (before the giant moose came along), couldn't wait for him as it was supposed to be his first day. He couldn't find any work due to spring break up (oilfield talk), so he ended up selling nearly everything of his just to help keep a roof over our head, clothes for the growing girls, and food. Everything as in, all the fly fishing stuff he has, the fly tying stuff, the hunting gear, and...the T.V. Man's most favorite things right?. He finally found a job the other day, but it's 8hrs away from us. He sold the last bit of his belongings here just to get there...he's now working a long three week shift with barely any food as it's not provided to him at this job. Now we're aiming to find a home, get what we have in storage 6hrs the other way (which is really just clothes for us, clothes that probably don't fit our girls anymore, a couch, and kids toys). We don't have much anymore now that I think of it, but I am glad we are all together and that my hubby is still alive and getting stronger/better. 

  We know we'll get back on top one day, and soon regain things that once belonged to us. There's always a little rain before a rainbow right?.

So, after my long current life story....

   Sharp Canada is hosting a giveaway for one lucky dad to win a 80"Aquos TV!! I'm asking your help, to please go like their page even if you're not Canadian, and vote for our photo. I truly believe he deserves something like this as he has gave up everything of his over the years just to support his family. He doesn't have anything that's actually his but the clothes on his back now. I just want him to be happy again and stop loosing his hair due to all the stress we've had over the years as it's been very stressful with the recession and lay offs. He needs to lay back, and relax...while watching a brand new 80" TV. 
Dreams can come true right?! Especially if you try....and that's what I'm doing right now. So please vote for him. It would mean a lot to our family!