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{Attached} To My Heart: On the move again!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

On the move again!


Such great news for our family!. We will be on the move back to British Colombia! I'm beyond excited. We can pretty much move anywhere we want, but we wanted to make this move more about the kids. I have a lot of family and friends, plus friends with little ones the same age as my little ladies. Hubby and I both know the town and city nearby well as we tried to make this move before. There are far more activities to keep the girls involved in the community, as well as make new friends

The moving part doesn't excite me as much, considering we have to go 6hrs back to our old town, pack a u-hual and move everything another 6hrs to a new home...with two little girls. AHHH. The worst part, is hubby can't take time off of work to help, so this may be a stressful move for me.

Other than that, Caylee starts preschool soon, Terra turns 2 next month, Halloween and Christmas are around the corner...this winter will fly by!! The girls will have their great grandma and great aunties around a lot as well which means the world to us! Hubby has been talking about joining the army and fulfilling a life long dream of his, which I fully support. As long as the girls know they have family they can turn to if they ever needed that extra shoulder, I know I did!

So that's my updating news, I'm very excited, but not looking forward to doing the move myself. If I could just snap my fingers and be there already LOL!.


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