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{Attached} To My Heart: Update...including the Army?!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Update...including the Army?!

Hey lovelies...

Just giving everyone an update. Some of my wonderful followers already know that my hubbykinz was in an car accident in February...It's been a long long road to recovery and to get back on our feet....

like SIX months long. Work has been so incredibly slow in our area, and we've taken over my parents house, but I am so so happy to say my husband has found an amazing paying job and leaves this Sunday for awhile. As much as I will miss him, I'm so incredibly excited. This momma needs a hair cut and eye brow wax, but better yet, we need a home, and two vehicles. Our van we just bought three months ago died on us, of course. I'm so blessed to have family that will lend him a truck to take to work until we can find something more reliable.

Things are looking up, it's been extremely stressful around here, not only for us but for our girls, and even my parents. Once we get our belongings out of storage, it'll be like Christmas for us, especially the girls and all their toys. Just have another two months to stay strong enough and wait for a home to come up. CAN I DO IT?! I hope so.

Now that we've been making plans..., another one from the past has come up. Joining the Army. My husband dream was to join the army. I held him back though, I couldn't let him go while I was pregnant or the girls were just too little to be without daddy all the time. Now they're old enough to know who he is and all the love he has for them, I have let go of holding him back. For now we're taking things day by day, we have a lot of bills to catch up on, girls need new clothes, new toys for their age, and preschool soon. Oh I shutter at the sounds of preschool. STAY LITTLE FOREVER MUWHAHA. Okay not forever, just slow down. After a year or two of hard work and saving money, he can sign up, that way the girls and I don't have to worry so much as their pay isn't the greatest in the beginning. I've been a researching machine lately, finding every bit of information on being an army wife/mother. It's a tough job, but I have so much respect for someone willing to do something so amazing for his country. Plus my man, in army gear, yum...I'll do what I need to do!

Anyways, I'm back, and I will be back to blogging way more (until the big move)...so stay tuned.


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