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{Attached} To My Heart: January 2012

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Mommy Funk.

Mommy funk. - a mother who feels stuck, depressed, and lack of self confidence.
   Well, that's what I think it means, and that's what I'm going through right now. The only person in my household who understand, is me.
   As a mother of two, I'm constantly busy, everyday is the exact same routine, somedays more louder than others.
(I basically explain my day here, feel free to skip over it!)
   I wake up, give the girls a bath, quickly round up dirty clothes trying to avoid stepping on the billion of toys scattered around. Get them dressed, sit them down for breakfast, get their food ready.
While they eat, I run around tidying up toys, then let the dogs out while making sure they have food and water. Tidy the girls up and give them both juice and a cartoon.
   Take last nights load of laundry out of the dryer, throw last nights load of wet clothes in the dryer. Throw a new load of clothes in the wash. Put clean clothes away. Take a 2 minute shower, wash face, brush teeth, dry off, put clean clothes on, brush out hair, put face cream on.
   Lunch time?! Already?!. make girls something to eat, feed them. Unload the dish washer and filling it back up with dishes laying around. Clean girls up, let them venture off. What's that?! I get a few minutes to check my stuff online while watching Ellen?. Sold!.
   Ellens over, change diapers, let dogs out again, dust house, clean bathrooms, empty trash. Girls scream and jump around, pulling and hugging onto my leg wanting me to play with them. So I play, secretly putting toys away neatly, but still playing with them of course.
   Supper?! Off to prepare supper, while trying to entertain them because you know...they're just "starving". Feed them supper, tidy the kitchen up, throw them in the bath again. Think about what happened on every kids show on TreeHouse that morning/afternoon. Let the dogs out, again. Put girls into pajamas and put on a movie in their room. Check my stuff online again, change diapers, back to laundry, check our mailbox.
  Bedtime?! check! now put the girls to sleep, and tidy up all the toys, mop floors, febreeze the place, have a bath, put pajamas on, watch some tv, enter giveaways (because you know, winning is always fun and a bonus to any day!), yawn, to bed I go....then start it ALL over, again.

   My day is even more hectic when we need to go shopping, or go to appointments!. Nothing is more funner than being stuck inside all day though //sarcasm, I wish I could take our girls to play groups, swimming, the playground, or anything whenever. Without a vehicle myself (hubby has the car and is at work usually), I get major cabin fever. I can't handle doing all these chores and being stuck inside all day, I wish I could drop everything and go to the gym and work on myself, or go out for almond milk kid free, just because I don't feel like bringing them.
   I hate getting ready every morning,trying to feel "pretty" and going through a billion outfits just to feel "good" about my body. When I'm finally ready, I'm just not happy about myself. I eat when I can, and it's not always good food, it's always the fast go to food. I try to eat as healthy as I can, and try to eat at the right times. I need to loose 50lbs, and it's not happening, of course I know it's not going to happen overnight. I don't live in the safest neighborhood, so I hate going for walks here. (could you believe some drunk man threw a beer bottle a mother pushing her child?! in the day time?!.) So that's out of the question, I just don't feel safe, and at the same time, I don't feel comfortable in my own home.
   I'm just in a mommy funk, and ranting. Any other mommas who are in a mommy funk out there to?


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

McDonald's Smoothie Shopportunity #Cbias

Last night was one of those warm, don't want to be inside and cook days. We decided that taking the kids to McDonald's for dinner and play in the playhouse was the best idea.

   The children's play house section was empty, so our kids had the whole play house to themselves!. I was craving a cold smoothie. They had two different flavors, pineapple mango and strawberry banana. I'm a huge fan of strawberry banana so I went with a medium size and was tempted to drink it all right at the counter...I probably could of to.

   Once we sat down I was able to enjoy some family time with my hubby and our girls. I loved my smoothie, it wasn't to sweet either! I'll defiantly be going for one more often!.

   The kids and hubby enjoyed a "couple" sips of course...considering I came back from the washroom to find it half gone.

   This was Terras first time in the play house, she was proud to be able to climb one step on her own, she kept saying "weeee"

It was so nice to enjoy some family time, the kids were entertained with the playhouse so hubby and I were able to enjoy my smoothie and be able to talk uninterrupted.
 If you want to see more pictures from our experience, please check out my google album here.
This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias.  All opinions are my own.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

For the love of Lettuce Wraps.

This has been my ultimate favorite dinner so far while adventuring our new Paleo diet lifestyle.

This tastes amazing, I promise you!
1. Brown some ground beef, grass fed is the best.
2. Chop up celery, garlic, onion, mushrooms, and whatever else you desire. 
3. Throw in everything plus some organic tomato sauce.
4. Cook on low for 45 minutes to about an hour.
5. Serve on romaine lettuce, as a wrap!

Delicious! Defiantly try it out, if you have any questions about Paleo, feel free to contact me!

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Friday, January 13, 2012

For the love of sisterly love

Our girls are 18 months apart, they rarely ever leave each others side. As I was going through pictures, I really noticed how loving and caring Caylee is towards her little sister, especially when we first brought Terra home.
 Tons of hugs, kisses, snuggles and cuddles.


I hope this never ends, they're perfect together! I hope they will always be there for each other when they're older. I always wished I had a brother or sister (I'm an only child), so I could have someone to talk to, and play dolls with. I'm so happy we have two perfect little girls so close in age

Monday, January 9, 2012

iPad2 (16GB) or Kindle Fire giveaway!

Want to win an iPAD 2 (16GB) or a Kindle Fire?! Then enter here! Tell them that I, Nathania Hunter, referred you! Then spread the love! Good Luck!!


Sunday, January 8, 2012

For the love of 2011

2011 has been an eventful year for us.
  I met my half sister for the very first time, her and her family came to stay with us for a week, I met my youngest niece and nephew to.  I am so happy we finally met, I love them all dearly!
    Caylee turned two years old. She is such a smart, bright little girl.
The girls enjoyed Easter together, tons of little goodies and of course their cute little bunnies.
We welcomed a new puppy in May, she's quite the little instigator, but her cuteness makes up for it.
   Terra turned one years old in September, she had her very own cake, followed with a long bath.
   We moved from Alberta to British Columbia. What should of been about a 7.5-8hr trip, was a 10hr drive. Hubby drove the big U-haul with Caylee and our big dog Abby. I drove our little car with Terra, and Lucy, until Terra wouldn't stop crying. So we stopped and shoved Terra in between Daddy and Caylee. It was a long, quiet drive for me.
   We made it to our new home, unpacked, and returned our U-haul the next day...we discovered that mice have taken over all of our belongings, they were everywhere. My heart was crushed so we ended up staying in a hotel for three days until we could find a new home.

 Caylee and Terra dressed up for Halloween, I had a little Jessie from Toy Story and a little kitty who didn't last long out so she stayed with grandma and handed out candy.
Caylee enjoyed her first movie at the theater, and very first time having popcorn. 
It was a mommy and baby date, we watched Puss in Boots together, then she got bored so we left about 30 minutes before the movie ended.
   The girls enjoyed their winter here so far. Sledding has been their favorite activity.
   My most favorite time of this year was Christmas, I had my parents here, and hubbys mom came over. We had a big dinner, lots of goodies, went sledding, played lots of games, and opened a ton of presents.
New Years, hubby and I ordered Chinese food, watched a movie, and played Donkey Kong on Wii. I wouldn't of had it any other way!!.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

For the love of Christmas 2011

I love Christmas.
This year my parents came up from Alberta and stayed a few days with us for the holidays. We ate a ton of junk food and played Clue and Scrabble every night.
Christmas Eve we opened all of our presents as we figured Christmas Day we would be busy enough with sledding, you know, changing the tradition up.

I couldn't believe how many presents were spilling out from under the tree, we were all so spoiled!
Caylee and Terra had a blast, Terra was more interested in the paper and bows of course, and Caylee was more interested in opening everyone's presents other than her own.

My favorite gift was having all of us together, and of course my new Kitchen Aid mixer and attachments, drool. Also, my hubby got me some gorgeous wood chimes, I love them!

So happy new year to all of you, I hope you all had a safe, warm, enjoyable holiday!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

For the love of Paleo

Hubby and I recently started the Paleo diet on January 1st, so far we're loving it, but the first few days have been hard!  If you haven't heard of the Paleo, it's basically called the caveman diet, you only eat anything a caveman would of. I decided to post pictures of the different meals we have that way we have something to look back at when we don't know what to cook. Also it gives you guys some great ideas! So click the page called Paleo Style.
(If you're in need of a recipe or any questions, feel free to email me at nathania.a at gmail dot com)
(We ordered the books from amazon, there's a bunch of different ones, but we love the ones we have)