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{Attached} To My Heart: For the love of Christmas 2011

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

For the love of Christmas 2011

I love Christmas.
This year my parents came up from Alberta and stayed a few days with us for the holidays. We ate a ton of junk food and played Clue and Scrabble every night.
Christmas Eve we opened all of our presents as we figured Christmas Day we would be busy enough with sledding, you know, changing the tradition up.

I couldn't believe how many presents were spilling out from under the tree, we were all so spoiled!
Caylee and Terra had a blast, Terra was more interested in the paper and bows of course, and Caylee was more interested in opening everyone's presents other than her own.

My favorite gift was having all of us together, and of course my new Kitchen Aid mixer and attachments, drool. Also, my hubby got me some gorgeous wood chimes, I love them!

So happy new year to all of you, I hope you all had a safe, warm, enjoyable holiday!!


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