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{Attached} To My Heart: For the love of preparing for Christmas, & fisher price toys.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

For the love of preparing for Christmas, & fisher price toys.

    It's that time of the year, where you plan and get ready for the holidays. Decorating, putting up a tree, baking, and...shopping for presents. This year my mother and father are traveling from Alberta to B.C to spend the holidays with us and our girls. From what they've been telling us...our girls are going to be very, very spoiled. My hubbykinz mom may be spending it with as well, so full house, tons of presents, tons of baking, tons of love.

    So far the majority of our shopping is done, because our girls are going to be so spoiled already, we're only shopping very little for them, as we have no room for a billion +1 toys in our little home. I have been thinking a lot on what we should get them, one big toy each, or a few little toys each. As I've been checking out their playroom, I noticed that the majority of their toys are all, Fisher Price. From little people, to the activity walker, to musical table, to hundreds of fisher price blocks...they have it all.

  I want to keep it going, I support Fisher Price %100 as I grew up playing with mostly as of their toys.
Does anyone remember this?
Heck yes I do, I recall cooking a lot of food on this little stove. How about the little record player, or the little tug phone, or even the old cash register? How cool were all of those toys?! I wish I had them still, for my girls to play with!.

   So far I know, my parents have bought the girls all Fisher Price toys for Christmas. So, we have decided we will get them one big present to share, ready?

   Yeahhhhhh. that's right...the Fisher Price Power Wheels Ford F-150. Except take this picture, and replace the boys with our two little girls. We all know our girls will be little tomboys, no matter how much little girly stuff we shove them in. We're a hunting, fishing, quading, camping family...this sweet little truck will suit them. Go check it out, awesome ratings as well! Power Wheels Ford F-150.Of course child #2 will have to be a passenger..., she's only 15 months. Child #1 will be 3 in March, so perfect timing!.

   Now I just have to put away enough for it...I have to stop shopping, I want to buy everyone, everything for Christmas.

What's on your child's Christmas wish list this year?

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