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{Attached} To My Heart: April 2011

Saturday, April 30, 2011

BabyBond Discount Code

For all those breastfeeding mommas out there, or anyone who know any mommas who breastfeed, I have a unique discount code that would offer %25 off when you order from Babybondnursing.com.

Baby Bond offers these amazing breastfeeding covers, where it only covers momma and not baby! It's a great bonding experience, especially out in public. I can't wait to receive my Baby Bond Couture as I still breastfeed my 7 month old!

so here's the code: ATMH

Sunday, April 24, 2011

my new jj cole collections bag!

More than a week ago, I won this baby in a giveaway over at Feisty Frugal & Fabulous!

I am in L O V E.
it shipped here SO fast!!
I loved how it came to my door,
all packaged and protected,
...it really made my day

it came with:
a super cute matching change pad;
TONS of pockets inside & out;
removable straps for the stroller;
& removable padded shoulder strap!

I L O V E the design,
and all the room it has,
how organized it is,
how STRONG it is,
and how BIG it is;

I even made a colorful chart;okay you probably can't read a whole of it...
lets just say, it holds A LOT of stuff!
I really recommend this to any momma whose searching for a new diaper bag...

and in fact, I am going on a girls only shopping trip to the big city next weekend
...kid free...
guess what I'm taking as a bag/purse?.

you can find this bag HERE.
also, check them out on facebook HERE.

Help Japan with Swagbucks.com!!

I partnered with Swagbucks to let my readers know about their efforts to raise money for Japan in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake that happened a few weeks ago.

Feel free to join HERE. when you do, use the code: HelpJapan,
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if you're unsure of Swagbucks, I can personally tell you it's been
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It's so easy to earn Swagbucks by
using special codes, searching, surveys, polls!
you will earn them instantly!, it's only been a few months for me,
but I've earned 4, $5 Amazon cards! so I highly suggest Swagbucks.com!

Friday, April 15, 2011

i'm in a mommy funk.

i love my babies.

let me repeat that.



I am in a mommy funk.

I need a mommy break...

where I can do mommy things.

I do miss my girlfriends.

but that's what happens when you move...

you leave your OLD friends

and you're supposed to make NEW friends.

but...it's difficult, with kids

and a hubby who works everyday

and no vehicle, and no money.

I want to not have to do dishes, twice a day.

I want to not have to do laundry, daily

I want to not have to change diapers, all day

I want to not have to vaccum all the crumbs and peices of string...

and clean up ripped books and stuffing from toys.

I want to be able to walk down the tiny mall

and go to the little cafe for Root Beer Italian Soda,

and the little resteraunt for delicious Chinese Food.

but, I can't. I have a teething 7 month old

who does not leave my side.

she's currently flailing her arms as we type,

I say we, cause she keeps putting her input in...

and I keep backspacing it all...

and retyping my words.


a little girl whose in her terrible two's.

don't get in her way.

and whatever you do

do not tell her no.

I get ME time

at night...

when I am exhausted

to exhausted to do anything..

so its bedtime..

and I wake up

it all starts all over again.

I want to get my hair done, nails did.

tattoos, movies, girlfriend time.

and no, I am not saying I want to give up mommyhood

just to have fun...

I love my girls, and I love spending every moment with them

even if they're grumpalumpagus'

and cry lots

and yell lots

and stomp lots

I am just in a mommy funk, and feel trapped inside our home

and ready to get out!

to have ME time

what kind of things do you guys like to do for your ME time?

my good 30 minutes consist of

checking my stuff online

of course, entering giveaways,

cause I'm a junky.

and having a 10 minute bath!

$100 GNC GC @ Mommy Kat & Kids

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Cadbury Giveaway @ Mommy Kat and Kids! Canada Only

Canadians!! head over to Mommy Kat and Kids blog HERE She's hosting a $50 Cadbury basket giveaway to TWO lovely readers!! GOO GOO GOO GOOOOO!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

$250 Old Navy Giveaway @ My Wee View Canada Only

Ends tomorrow night!! go go go, HERE

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

i'm sorry!

i apologize to ALL you wonderful readers, i haven't been committed to my LITTLE blog world lately, there has been some SERIOUS health complications with my hubbykinz so as my wifely-to-be duties, i've been by HIS side, & will continue to do so... except right now, clearly. He is by MY side though, so it doesn't count! ha! Anyways, Style Symmetry is giving away a $45 Amazon GC from Late Late Gifts so go HERE. Ends April 15!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Conversation Peices Giveaway

Head over to Two Thousand Things & enter for your chance to win a $100 gift card to Conversation Peices.