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{Attached} To My Heart: November 2011

Sunday, November 20, 2011

HP - TouchSmart Computer @ My Wee View

Head over to My Wee Views blog and enter to win an HP - TouchSmart Computer ($850)

How awesome is that?!. not only would I LOVE to own my own HP - TouchSmart, my husband and kids would LOVE it to!. It would make our lives so much easier with the touch screen, I love it's design, and how user friendly it is. I can't wait to get my hands on one!!

so go go go and enter NOW.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Silhouette Cameo Giveaway at Little Miss Momma.

Head over to Little Miss Mommas blog quick!
She's hosting a Silhouette Cameo giveaway!
Trust me, if you don't have one already, you will want one...
like I do, hence this blog post....
OH DARN...giveaway over. 
hehehehe just kidding, GO GO GO.

good luck.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

For the love of real almond milk.

Yesterday I posted a super basic easy recipe for Almond Milk...for those who want that quick glass of deliciousness....click HERE.

Today I'll show you how super easy it is to make your own nut milk.
All you need is some raw almonds and water.

I used 1 1/2 cup of almonds, and mixed it with 4.5 cups of water.
I believe the rule of thumb is 1 cup of almonds to 4 cups of water if you want to do it that way.
Soak them overnight, they should be nice and plump.
Mix them in a blender for about a minute or two.

Strain them into a jug using some cheesecloth, after it's done pouring,
take the cheesecloth with the chunks and squeeze all the milk out. 

TA DA. nut milk. It made about .5litre. I drank some before checking.
There's a variety of different ways you can drink it too.
- Add some cocoa powder for some chocolaty almondy milk.
- Blend a few raspberries and ice cubes for a sweet smoothie kind of drink
- Add some vanilla extract to make a sweet vanilla almond flavor.
- tsp of cinnamon or nutmeg...or both.
- add a banana to bring out flavor
- add 1tbs of amaretto syrup
- add nut milk along with some of the leftovers in the cheese cloth in a smoothie for a nutritional yummy drink!
...seriously the list could go on.
DON'T throw away the chunks of almond left in the cheesecloth
...instead do what I do, throw them in your baking! Here are some blueberry almond muffins;
They were delicious, the almonds kept the muffins so moist and added the perfect little crunchiness.


Saturday, November 5, 2011

For the love of Almond Milk.

Winter is approaching...it's currently minus - too cold to be outside. Though I must say, I LOVE this time of the year, fall and winter happen to be my favorite seasons! First thanksgiving, nothing like a mean delicious cooked turkey and all the sidings...delicious. Then, Halloween...minus the scary horror movies - I tend to stay away from those, but how could you not love dressing your children up and taking them trick or treating!? and then of course, Christmas...I..can't...wait, I've already started my Christmas shopping, and scoping out decorations.

Fly fishing is the greatest in the fall, the beautiful views, the smell, and the fresh crisp air is so relaxing and enjoyable. Then hunting season comes along with the snow. Then the lakes freeze over and you ice fish all day and night. If you have children, winter tends to be SO much more funner. I can't wait to show my kidlets how to build snowmen, forts, even have snowball fights! There's nothing more comforting than coming in from the crisp air to a nice hot cup of...almond milk. Recently hubbykinz and I have been going to the coffee shop in town and buying Steamed Almond Milk every night...sometimes twice a night. It's my addiction...it's also $3.15 a cup. So I decided, I'm going to make my own...and show you the easy way...and the other way (which is also easy, but time consuming for those who are impatient and want that warm cup of delicious creamy almond milk like myself)
Today I'll show you the easy way;
TWO ingredients.
Yep, two ingredients, that easy. You can use any type of milk, and amaretto syrup,
(I purchase a bottle of Torani Amaretto for $13 at my local coffee shop.)
- Either warm up milk in a pot on the stove, or in a glass in the microwave
- Add 1-2tbs of Amaretto and stir.
What I personally do is heat a glass of milk up for 2 minutes in the microwave, throw it in the blender with 2tbs of amaretto a small dash of cinnamon or even nutmeg, blend for about 1-2 minutes, then pour. Blending the milk with the syrup creates this really yummy frothy topping. I add a tiny dash of cinnamon on top of the froth and using a tooth pick I make little swirlys to make it look pretty.

Cookies taste AMAZING dipped, if you're a cookies and milk lover like myself, you will love this!
Tomorrow I'll show you how to actually make Almond milk, 
for those who aren't the biggest fan of dairy milk, nut milk is the best ever!
Here's a preview;
I know looks...interesting?, they've been soaking for over 8hrs so far, I could technically make it now but it's late and the kidlets are asleep.
Look how plump those little beasts are.