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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Dear Crissy is giving away an HP TouchSmart 310!!!!

out there, in blog/giveaway land...There is an oppurtunity for one lucky DEARCRISSY.COM reader, who can win...an HP TOUCHSPART 310!

I seen THIS post, my eyes popped out, my heart melted a tad bit. Okay more than a tad bit. I LOVE HP. My husband bought me an HP mini for Christmas, but since he recently switched jobs and money has been super tight, I ended up selling it to cover some of rent...it was a sad day. It's been the BEST computer I ever owned.

Two Christmas' ago Maseykinz bought me a fancy dancy camera...so I could get back into photography and editing photos, something i LOVE to do. With the computer we have now, I am unable to upload pictures, use a few ports on the tower, and download photoshop or adobe, or ANY online programs. In my words, it's fried,...died, & needs to go. I have to go to a friends, and upload saved pictures off my camera to show off my babies!, boo. I would LOVE to have something like the HP TouchSmart, I could improve in my photography editing skills, and get back into my favorite hobby as well as earning a little much needed income! Very soon I hope to do some online schooling, hopefully an office course and getting into the hospital field, or a dentist office!

The HP TOUCHSMART looks so sleek, and with a SINGLE powercord. I
should take a picture of the rats nest I have...more like a toys nest since my daughters toys end up tangled up in it...hello dangerous.[She's blocked off from it, don't worry!] but ONE powercord?!. My favorite feature is all about the easy photo editing, and apps!. And something that could entertain my little one while mommy works away! To read more about the HP TouchSmart, go HERE.

to enter the giveaway, go HERE


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