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{Attached} To My Heart: Mama Monday

Monday, February 14, 2011

Mama Monday

I decided to join the very first Momma Monday blog hop,
Each week she will have new questions where we can learn about each other as moms, & make new mama bloggy friends!
She will also post a task to complete each week!!
I hope you all take a few minutes and join in as well!

1. Introduce yourself!
2. How did you meet your other half?
3. How long were you together before you had the baby talk?

1. My name is Nathania [nat-tan-ya], I am a 22yr old mother to two beautiful little girls, one who turns 2 next month, & one who is 5 months old. My fiance and I have been together for 3 wonderful years. We both love to hunt, fly-fish & ice fish, & anything really that has to do with the outdoors!.

2. We met at the bar.

The story: He was a bouncer, who I.D me everytime I went in. Friends of friends. One night my friend & I went to get a drink & went back to our spot to find some creeper was sitting by us. Mason came over to talk to him as they were friends, & the guy mentioned that "2 beautiful girls" came to sit next to him (untrue, it was our spot), Mason & I locked eyes for a minute. Next morning I woke up to an email from Mason on Nexopia [social network that was before Facebook], saying he seen me last night & what not, we emailed back & forth, he called me cute /blush. That turned into texting, which turned into hanging with mutual friends, to hanging with each other.

3. We were together for a week when we started talking about kids. 3 years later, we have two little girls!

Now head over to Toddler Awesome and link up!!


This week, take time out to have a PROPER, UNINTERRUPTED luxury bath! By luxury bath I mean use your BEST bubble bath, bath bombs etc.... light some candles, get a glass of wine (or fancy juice!), some chocolate or your favourite treat and a book/ magazine!


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