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{Attached} To My Heart: My Little Lady. [& birth story]

Sunday, February 13, 2011

My Little Lady. [& birth story]

My little lady is turning TWO next month.
She is such the perfect little almost 2 year old
- aside from the tantrums
she's so smart, & advanced for her age,
she LOVES our dog 'babby"(abby),
she loves giving 'tarr-a'(chunks deluxe) her toys, or a bottle,
she carries around a little black kitty everywhere, also HAS to be in bed with her,
she loves her 'movievie's', or 'melmo'(elmo), or 'a-e-l'(ariel),
she's tall, like a 3yr old kind of tall!,
she really was 10.1Lbs when she was born,
defiantly a daddies girl,
she could live in the bath tub if I let her,
she defiantly has a loving personality.

I decided to share my birth story with pictures today. so here we go!
On March 20, 2009 [my due date], Maseykinz and I were relaxing, I was searching up epidurals and birth stories (defiantly not a good thing to do, yuck), & I started not to feel well so I went to lay down. I was getting a few contractions here & there for awhile, but they started to really kick in every few minutes - hard. My hunny wrote down every contraction I had, eventually he came & told me it's time we should go in.

We walked into the hospital hand in hand, & I was all registered & ready to go to my room, just then I felt my water broke on my way in...of course...the nurse did not believe me. I was put into the crappy room, with all the old equipment, & I was so incredibly disappointed. Suddenly the good room opened up and we moved on in. I tried to walk, but the contractions were so painful I just wanted to rest as it was already 3am. I eventually got my epideral, even though I was only 3cm dilated. Bad mistake, it slowed everything down for awhile, so I was given pitocin...& they really started to HURT; the nurses realized that my water didn't fully break, so they called the dr. in to break it himself, as soon as he stepped foot into the room, my water broke, so he went back to bed. Few hours later...things started to really go contraction wise, the nurse decided to check me and I was fully dilated and ready to go. She tried to wake up Maseykinz, I even tried yelling at him, it wasn't till they had everything set up and ready until he realized what was going on.

[look at that big belly!]
27hrs later, no sleep, & and an hour of pushing, we welcomed
our first child into the world!

She was born March 23. 2009
at 5:16am
weighing 10.1lbs, 21 inches tall

My little beauty. Incredibly healthy!


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