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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Week TWO of Mama Monday! Go check it out, link up,
& meet new momma friends!!

1. How did you come to have a 'mommy blog'?
2. What do you do? Do you WAH or homeschool etc?
3. Have you read any parenting books or do you 'go it alone'?

1. After I had my first daughter bugaboo(Caylee), I was browsing the local buy & sell's online and seen these super cute headbands this lady made. I ended up joining her fan page and noticed she started posting giveaways from her blog. I made an account, and started entering her giveaways, eventually noticing other blogs linked to hers...and seeing tutorials, stories, and recipes. So I made mine about a year ago, in January 2011 I made a brand new one, and I'm so happy I did!
BTW, the awesome headbands I purchased came from SHABBY LANE BOUTIQUE! I advise you to go check her BLOG, FACEBOOK, and SHOP out!
2. I am a stay at home momma blogger(even though I don't make any money). I plan to go to school when the time is right, as of right now, I love my life with my busy 23 month old & 5 month old =)
3. I go it alone. If I have a thought, or question, or need advice, I go to my elders, or look it up online.

This week make a massive effort to wear makeup everyday.... even if it is just some lipgloss and mascara. The days that I make an effort to put on some makeup, I always feel nicer than the days I don't! Even if you aren't going anywhere that day, it is nice to feel cute!


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