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{Attached} To My Heart: where I've been?

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

where I've been?

I am...back! After a busy weekend with my new found sister and her family, a now crawling teething chunks deluxe, a grumpy growing toddler, puppy training, and getting my house back in order, I am able to finally sit down, and relax.

First things first; new family.
I have two half sisters whom I have never met before. We all were born in July, one is 9 years older than me and the other is about 8 years older. Our mother was in a car accident soon after she had her first two girls, her husband left her and their girls went with him. When she found out she was pregnant with me, she knew she wasn't able to take care of me and had asked her brother and his girlfriend at the time to adopt me. Those two people are legally my mother and father now, and they were married two years after and still together today! Three months after I was born, she was in a terrible car accident, and leaves her completely brain damaged and needs constant 24/7 care. My father took me often to visit her, but it was always so weird for me as I could barely understand her when she spoke. My father told me I had two sisters when I was young, so I've always told people I had two sisters I have never met! When I was about 16 I spoke to my oldest sister when she phoned to talk to dad about our family. She remembered him
from when she was very little when he went to visit their dad as they were good friends at the time.

Not to long ago I looked my oldest sister up on facebook and added her! We talked all the time online and even on the phone! Her fiance and their two youngest children decided to come up for a visit last weekend! We talked like we knew each other forever! She brought her 15 month old boy, who is my nephew, and my baby niece, who is 6 weeks old!. She also has three older girls,but they live with their dad so I wasn't able to meet them. Her fiance and my hubbykinz pretty much became best friends and went fishing most of the time.

Secondly; a new addition to the family. I took child #2 to see some puppies. I fell in love, and ended up shelling out $200 and brought home a female Shih tzu Bichon Terrier cross. Oh she's a sweetie, hubbykinz loves her more than I do I think. Last night I took her out for her nightly bathroom duty, she came back just shivering and whimpering so I gave in and brought her to bed with me. I must of been so tired because I woke up to about 6 pee stains, and a pile of poop, and throw up because she ate cardboard or something, lovely. Took her back outside, and now stays in her little area at night.

Anyways, I am back, I will be back to blogging, giveaways, chatting, posting. Stay tuned for a Amazon gift card giveaway, hosted by me!


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