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{Attached} To My Heart: back to reality?

Monday, March 21, 2011

back to reality?

yes, I AM still alive!
living, breathing, happy.
we had a WONDERFUL weekend
JUST hubbykinz and I.
things have been coming a little overwhelming,
in a STRESSFUL way, & still are...
BUT, good ol' gramps & grams came to the rescue,
because they miss their grandbabies sososo much
(we moved almost 2hrs away)
they came to STEAL them away for a weekend.
I was all up for it! until it was time for them to go..
I haven't left Chunks Deluxe over night in ALL 6 months of her life
& my heart broke when I left bugaboo for a WHOLE week, 6hrs away,
so I was one SAD momma. but, off they went!.
& guess what, two nights was PERFECT!
we discovered this SMALL town has a theater?! who knew? yeah we didn't.
we got to SHOP, without lugging around a baby & chasing an almost TWO year old.
we got to NAP, at ANYTIME we wanted, & we did!
Maseys boss gave him two free passes to a town dinner...
it was FANCY dancy dinner...at a bar...talking a 4 course meal, and live band.
...and free drinks. We met NEW people...
when's the last time we did this you ask?. JUNE, 2008.
for two years, I've been pregnant, breastfeeding, pregnant, & STILL breastfeeding
it was NICE to get out, and have FUN, with other adults!
I FORGOT how to talk to adults my age...I speak childs lingo.
after a "FEW" drinks in us, we walked home, in the snow...
giggling away...slipping on ice...giggling some more, good thing it was only a 15 minute walk.

thats us, a little buzzed, walking home hand in hand,
giggling at each other like back in the days
we also got these AMAZING donairs, and yummy chips, & water....
we got to stay up LATE, and SLEEP IN...sort of...

I pumped breastmilk both nights, like a MACHINE.
I even woke up through out the night to PUMP.
of course I dumped everything I pumped after our drunken adventure.
we had FUN. defiantly don't miss the bar scene OR drinking.
it was refreshing to have a break from OUR world.
BUT I am SO happy to have my girlies back!
they must of had FUN because they CRASHED hard when they got home.
but thats okay, because I have THIS big pile of clothes to go through.
sigh, back to reality of cleaning & such
but thats okay, I LOVE hearing the pitter patter of bugaboos feet all over the place
& the SMILES & laughs of chunks. aka bulldog cheeks.


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